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Welcome to Rider Elements, the Oceania distributor for the new evolution in outdoor marquee tents from Gybe Design in Germany.

Taking the traditional bulky pop up framed and poled shelter tents to the next level with compact, standout, functional and ergonomically designed marquees providing endless solutions for corporate promotions, sports teams, schools, emergency services through to the family campsite. Rider Elements and Gybe Design – Endless Possibilities.

Endless possibilities

Introducing inflatable portable tent models, this unique design is like no other, the options are endless and we are able to customize and tailor to suit your needs. These standout Event Tents are very versatile, they are great for indoor promotional events, outdoor use for family activities, sports, trade shows, marketing and much more through to the specialized Humanity Tent models for emergency services, trades people, government services, the list is endless! These tents also provide excellent protection from the elements and an eye catching marketing edge like no other.

Inflatable Tents Townsville

The GYBE DESIGN tents allow 360 degree advertising for your business to get the best exposure, with interchangeable panels allowing multiple campaigns or marketing from the one base tent for many years of service. They are highly functional, extremely resilient, easy to transport, erect and pack away by a single person with packed sizes and weighs up to two thirds less than that of the traditional portable framed marquees. The Gybe event tent and humanity tent models can also be joined together in many different configurations adding to the many possibilities open to you and your product or service.

These tents are constructed using the highest quality materials and construction techniques derived from the extreme demands of the kite boarding industry and its many years of punishing testing and development of kites. The unique system incorporated in these tents means that once inflated there is no need for a compressor or fan unit to be connected to keep the tent up allowing no boundaries of use from indoor to outdoor in snow, on water or just the back yard – there are no limits.

The Event Tents come in 2 sizes 4mX4m (ET4000) or 5mX5m (ET5000), with each tent able to be customized to your colour schemes you choose all your canopy base colours, stitching and leg colours from our specs sheets and provide Rider Elements with any logos, images or design ideas and we will have the Gybe design team put together eye catching art work for you.

The Gybe Event tent models pack down into a light weight back pack that are able to be carried considerable distances with ease, thrown on the back seat or in the boot of the car hassle free and stored requiring minimal space.

The Gybe T5 Bus Tent

Rider Elements is excited to present a new and inspired product from GYBE design – the T5 Bus Tent, which has been created to compliment your life and enhance your experiences along the way. Drawing its design inspiration from the sport of Kite-surfing, it is a symbiont and hard wearing product for an active lifestyle.

T5 Tent Designs

The T5 Tent is an ideal supplement to your adventure equipment. This ingenious tent system from GYBE will easily double the floor space of a T5 Camper van. The tent can also stand alone when detached from the bus. The fusion panel (connection to the van) can be easily zipped off meaning you can detach the tent from your vehicle at any time to maintain maximum flexibility.

The tent comes in a convenient back-pack bag and can be easily set up in just 3 minutes, when using the optional battery pump to inflate the support structure. There are no bars or rigid structural supports allowing this tent to be very light weight. Attaching to the VW C-track or California car-top rack, it doesn’t get any easier than that!

The T5 Tent is available as standard in three main colour ways, “FROST, HANGOVER and NIGHTSKY”. These basic colours are stylishly staged with coloured stitching, high value materials and prints. It is also possible to let your creativity run wild with full customisation.

The design benefits from GYBE’s many years of experience in the kite and sailing industries. Tested under extreme conditions, it is well-suited and perfectly manufactured for set up on nearly every surface.

With the GYBE T5 Bus Tent you can let your individuality develop freely – anywhere and anytime! The tent is delivered with a backpack carrying case, removable front and rear panels and a hand pump (12V battery-powered pump optional). Equipped with three different tent stake varieties and very robust guy roped, your adventure knows no boundaries!

The Star Lounge

GYBE has supplemented the star tent with a unique source of light and has for the first time created a lounge atmosphere which can be used for your promotion parties or festivals.

Star Lounge

The classic center-pole of a star tent was replaced with an inflatable column structure. That gives the Star Lounge both a lighter weight and a smaller package size than conventional star tents, and hence it can be easily transported. The Star Lounge can be set up on site by two people in less than 15 minutes.

The Star Lounge combines functionality with extraordinary ambiance: the inflatable column support can be decorated by the integrated LED band with 16.7 million different shades and levels of brightness (RGB spectrum). You effortlessly control all functions such as colour tone, intensity or light effects with the touch remote.

As with all GYBE products, the Star Lounge can be individually laid out. The expansive colour palette for customising the roof, column structure, side panels and seems is a guarantee for an unforgettable appearance. By means of various printing options and the luminosity of the support structure itself, every tent is one-of-a-kind.

Amazingly simple setup


Introducing the T5 Bus Tent


Introducing the Humanity Tent

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